How we win come Saturday

Here’s what we have to do Saturday on both offense and defense to come out on top.


  • We have to attack the middle of the field on quick passing routes in order to get Lambert comfortable early
  • We have to protect Lambert long enough for our receivers to fight past their cornerbacks who will most likely try to jam at the line
  • Chubb has to continue his streak of 100 yards, the will be a sign that our line is opening up holes and that our passing game is good enough to keep them from stacking the box
  • We have to attack them down the field, in them attempting to jam our receivers it gives us the possibility to attack them on the deep ball
  • Capitalizing on mistakes, if we get a turnover or good field position we need to score touchdowns not field goals once we enter the red zone


  • Stop the rush early, we struggled with a power rushing attack last year as seen in the Florida game, so we need our linemen to take up space and our linebackers to wrap up their big backs in Henry and Drake
  • When they pass we need to pressure Coker, he is not a mobile quarterback and struggles throwing on the run
  • Get them behind the sticks early, first and second down are crucial, force them to pass in a medium to long 3rd down.
  • Getting off the field, when we do force them into 3rd down situations we need to get off the field, don’t allow them to have lengthy drives that wear us down and build their confidence

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