Breakdown of Saturdays game

Well it was definitely a tuff game to watch, we were ill prepared and just overmatched by Alabama.  Here’s all that went wrong and stick with me there’s a lot.

  • First thing we have to dress was Lambert’s play, it turns out that he might actually be the quarterback we saw in the first half of the Vandy game.  He couldn’t complete short passes which is what he lived on in our past 2 games, and couldn’t hit the deep ball either.  He got happy feet in the pocket, meaning that even if he had time he would drop his eyes and begin to scramble around not giving time for our receivers to break open.
  • Our other quarterback Ramsey showed us why he wasn’t starting by his horrible judgement on the 2 interceptions, the pick 6 absolutely crushing any chance we had at the start of the second half.
  • There was a lot of talk about how our receivers couldn’t get open, which for the most part was true in the short game but a couple of times we saw receivers breaking open Lambert just didn’t see them or just threw a bad ball.
  • Our offensive line got destroyed up front on the run.  They got held up by the Defensive linemen, so they were unable to block the linebackers, which in past games we excelled in.
  • Our fullbacks weren’t doing much of anything blocking either, they where unable to get to the linebackers because their linemen were plugging all the holes.
  • We didn’t take advantage of good field positioning,  when we recovered Henry’s fumble on around their 40 we managed to move the ball 2 yards and wound up punting.  That is just unacceptable, we saw what happened in the Bama vs Ole Miss game and the reason Ole Miss won was because they took advantage of their 5 turnovers in good field position and still only came out with a 7 point victory.  Because as we saw in the Florida, Ole Miss game, Ole Miss isn’t a very good team offensively but they took advantage of Bama’s mistakes in that game.  Also we had the ball first in goal on their 9 and came away with only a field goal after moving back 30 yards then struggling to regain it.
  • On special teams I don’t recall us returning the ball past the 25, it almost looked like we were scared running up to them. In the kicking game we didn’t have one touchback which I still don’t understand why we don’t recruit a kid that can do that, and plenty of them can.
  • Lets just try to forget about that blocked punt right when they lined up I knew it would be trouble, they had 3 or 4 guys in the backfield.
  • On defense the passing game is really where they killed us.  Our secondary just didn’t come to play, but the fact that we had 0 pass rush didn’t really help out
  • Our coaches had a pretty horrible game in general, whenever the run started working it seemed like we would then try to throw it ex: start of the second half,  Pruitt’s secondary was just horrendous, and overall the team just wasn’t ready to play which you can assign that blame to none other than CMR

Now here’s what went right..

  • Well we handled the power rush better than I expected, I believe Henry only had 148 yards which is much better than the 2012 championship game
  • Our running backs did pretty well scrapping up every yard they could
  • Chubb’s streak continues
  • At least Tech lost too

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