Observations on Bama

Heres some of the things I noticed watching some of Bama’s game

  • Their Dline is BIG watch the first half of the Ole Miss game and see what I mean, even when they don’t get to the quarterback they have the size to reach up and bat the ball down
  • They’ve shown weakness in the secondary, so look for them to try to jam our receivers at the line so they can disrupt Lambert’s timing
  • They have a weaker offensive line then in the past
  • Henry and Drake are going to get most of their carries up the middle so expect us to stack the box
  • Coker only has a 55% completion rate, and that number greatly decreases when he is forced outside of the pocket
  • Special teams have obviously been an issue with those 2 fumbles on kickoffs in the Ole Miss game

Why I’m starting this

I know what your thinking: why is this kid starting a blog in the middle of the season wouldn’t it make sense to do it in the off season?

And to that I couldn’t agree with you more.  The reason I’m starting it now is because in it being Bama week, like any dawgs fan would do, I’ve been reading up on it as much as I can.  In doing so I felt motivated into sharing what I’ve found and doing it on a week to week basis.  So let the fun begin.