Set the Attitude for the rest of the season

In our upcoming game we get to see how our young team can come back after a crushing defeat.  If we come in with the attitude that we aren’t going to loose like that again, and have it motivate us positively we can be a very hard team to beat against anyone.  Saturday will be a turning point either way, if we loose it makes it very hard to achieve our goal of going to the SEC championship game, but if we win it could be a spark to win the rest of our games which is shaping up to be a favorable schedule relative to other SEC opponents.


Looking to Tennessee now

We can’t let Saturdays crushing defeat cause us to be off our game on Saturday.  If anything it should have us fired up to go out there and play a hell of a game to get our season back on track.

Looking at our record now we’re 4-1 overall and 1-1 in the SEC.  The fortunate part about loosing to a west team is that we are still in control of our in destiny in getting back to Atlanta it just leaves less margin for error, especially against an undefeated Florida team.  I believe we still have the ability to get into the playoff assuming we go undefeated the rest of the season, and the chances increase if its Alabama we play in Atlanta.

Breakdown of Saturdays game

Well it was definitely a tuff game to watch, we were ill prepared and just overmatched by Alabama.  Here’s all that went wrong and stick with me there’s a lot.

  • First thing we have to dress was Lambert’s play, it turns out that he might actually be the quarterback we saw in the first half of the Vandy game.  He couldn’t complete short passes which is what he lived on in our past 2 games, and couldn’t hit the deep ball either.  He got happy feet in the pocket, meaning that even if he had time he would drop his eyes and begin to scramble around not giving time for our receivers to break open.
  • Our other quarterback Ramsey showed us why he wasn’t starting by his horrible judgement on the 2 interceptions, the pick 6 absolutely crushing any chance we had at the start of the second half.
  • There was a lot of talk about how our receivers couldn’t get open, which for the most part was true in the short game but a couple of times we saw receivers breaking open Lambert just didn’t see them or just threw a bad ball.
  • Our offensive line got destroyed up front on the run.  They got held up by the Defensive linemen, so they were unable to block the linebackers, which in past games we excelled in.
  • Our fullbacks weren’t doing much of anything blocking either, they where unable to get to the linebackers because their linemen were plugging all the holes.
  • We didn’t take advantage of good field positioning,  when we recovered Henry’s fumble on around their 40 we managed to move the ball 2 yards and wound up punting.  That is just unacceptable, we saw what happened in the Bama vs Ole Miss game and the reason Ole Miss won was because they took advantage of their 5 turnovers in good field position and still only came out with a 7 point victory.  Because as we saw in the Florida, Ole Miss game, Ole Miss isn’t a very good team offensively but they took advantage of Bama’s mistakes in that game.  Also we had the ball first in goal on their 9 and came away with only a field goal after moving back 30 yards then struggling to regain it.
  • On special teams I don’t recall us returning the ball past the 25, it almost looked like we were scared running up to them. In the kicking game we didn’t have one touchback which I still don’t understand why we don’t recruit a kid that can do that, and plenty of them can.
  • Lets just try to forget about that blocked punt right when they lined up I knew it would be trouble, they had 3 or 4 guys in the backfield.
  • On defense the passing game is really where they killed us.  Our secondary just didn’t come to play, but the fact that we had 0 pass rush didn’t really help out
  • Our coaches had a pretty horrible game in general, whenever the run started working it seemed like we would then try to throw it ex: start of the second half,  Pruitt’s secondary was just horrendous, and overall the team just wasn’t ready to play which you can assign that blame to none other than CMR

Now here’s what went right..

  • Well we handled the power rush better than I expected, I believe Henry only had 148 yards which is much better than the 2012 championship game
  • Our running backs did pretty well scrapping up every yard they could
  • Chubb’s streak continues
  • At least Tech lost too

How we win come Saturday

Here’s what we have to do Saturday on both offense and defense to come out on top.


  • We have to attack the middle of the field on quick passing routes in order to get Lambert comfortable early
  • We have to protect Lambert long enough for our receivers to fight past their cornerbacks who will most likely try to jam at the line
  • Chubb has to continue his streak of 100 yards, the will be a sign that our line is opening up holes and that our passing game is good enough to keep them from stacking the box
  • We have to attack them down the field, in them attempting to jam our receivers it gives us the possibility to attack them on the deep ball
  • Capitalizing on mistakes, if we get a turnover or good field position we need to score touchdowns not field goals once we enter the red zone


  • Stop the rush early, we struggled with a power rushing attack last year as seen in the Florida game, so we need our linemen to take up space and our linebackers to wrap up their big backs in Henry and Drake
  • When they pass we need to pressure Coker, he is not a mobile quarterback and struggles throwing on the run
  • Get them behind the sticks early, first and second down are crucial, force them to pass in a medium to long 3rd down.
  • Getting off the field, when we do force them into 3rd down situations we need to get off the field, don’t allow them to have lengthy drives that wear us down and build their confidence

This is what happens with unreasonable expectations

Granted, the failure of Johnson at quarterback was out of left field, but still. Williams’ descent exposed a thin group of receivers that don’t offer the same home-run threat without the likes of Sammie Coates. From 2013-14, Auburn averaged three completions of 20 or more yards per game. Through four games this season, Auburn has completed a grand total of five such passes, ranking 122nd in FBS. (

I find this article very ironic for 2 reason

  1. Do we all remember over the summer how Malzahn told us that he was aiming for 8 plays of 20 yards or more… funny how thats turned out
  2. Wow the media flipped on Auburn FAST.  Auburn came into the season with their heads held high ranked 6th, supposedly competing for the SEC and maybe even a Playoff spot.  Now they find themselves 2-2 with one of those wins coming in overtime against a FCS opponent.  They better forget about winning the west and just focus on winning a conference game.

Special Teams wins games

Going into this game, both coaches have preached that it will be won in the trenches  .  I agree with them but I think we have to really take advantage of them on special teams.

They have a kicker Grithiff, who we’ve seen Saban hasn’t really put much faith in for good reason, he has a 42.9% average this season.  If you see any 4th and short to medium inside our half you can expect them to go for it.  Along with him, their punter Scott not living up to his first season.  Come Friday we would obviously like to see them punting  lot, and when they do so we need to capitalize on any good field position they might leave us with.

But where we really need to win the field position battle is on kickoffs.  We saw their two fumbles on kickoffs against Ole Miss and they haven’t been impressive in general in the return game other than that either.  Perhaps even less impressive Georgia is last in average yards per return, so lets hope McKenzie is by his mid week drama and has a big game Saturday.